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DKP Profiler Mod Not updated in game dkp totals

DKP Profiler Mod Not updated in game dkp totals
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In Game DKP Mod Not tracking real time dkp in game
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Creator Azriel1500
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My guild has been using the dkp profiler mod for over a year now and have recently encountered a problem. The in game dkp amounts are not being updated on screen in game as ppl spend. The pop up box comes up and the amount is entered but it does not update the amount in game. This has caused problems when people check in game to see how much they can bid. The number is not changing. I have 2 officers running the mod for raids and both have the same problem.

When we actually upload the information to the website it is uploaded correctly and the numbers are all there. It doesn't seem to make sense as to why its not updated it on screen in game, yet is updated when we upload the data. Is there an in game way to manually update the dkp spent for items?

Any help would be appriciated.
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That's very odd. When did you first start to notice this problem?

Also, make absolutely sure you have the correct DKP system selected from the list on the main GRSS Window when you start the bidding.

It's all in the reflexes.
We currently only have one DKP system available to select.

And as far as when this started we just noticed it in the last raid becuase we were alerted by a guild member that checked the dkp totals before the raid and noticed his compitition for loot dkp was not going down during raid while he won items. How long this has been happening before that I am not sure.

We have another raid tonight and will see if it is duplicated. Though having 2 ppl running the mod having the same result does seem to show some sort of bug.

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