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GRSS Roster Uploads

GRSS Roster Uploads
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GRSS Roster Uploads
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Creator Frommers
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It looks like every time I upload/update my roster using Roster Import from GRSS, the Characters to Update screen doesn't change.

So, either it's not applying the updates I'm giving it or it's just not checking the actual roster at all.

I've uploaded a roster and then done the upload a second time to check my work and the list is the same.

The website account sync does work however, it's just the character sync that doesn't seem to be working just right.

The add new character function works as well.

The "These characters are in your roster, but not in your upload" feature is a little confusing. I'm updating the master roster or the guild roster? I only get one choice so I assume it's the guild roster.

If that is the case, I don't think that is working right either as many of the characters it lists as not appearing in the upload aren't in the guild roster (only the master roster).

If it's working with the master roster, it's more confusing as I didn't think you could remove characters from the master roster. That sounds like a bad thing.
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Did another upload today.. still have this problem.

Could you upload to this thread the file that you're uploading?

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok.. I did the upload just now and had the same problem.

Everything seemed to update, but when I ran the roster upload a second time it still listed all the characters that needed to be updated.

I think I'm understanding your problem. The "characters to be updated" section can be described simply as "characters in this guild snap shot that are also already on your site". They are being updated even if nothing is really changing, but it's important to show everyone in the upload.

Is this perhaps the cause of the confusion?

It's all in the reflexes.
Yes, I think so.

Since all the other sections check the rosters and says "Oh, these guys are new" and "These guys aren't in here" and "These guys have a different rank", why can't we have it remove people who aren't changed?

I realize the load would take slightly longer, but it would make this less of a bear for others in my guild to manage?

Also, it would kick ass if when you did a GRSS upload for a raid, it would ask at the end "Do you want to update your roster?" and just jump to that too.


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