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New Recruit check off list

New Recruit check off list
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New Recruit check off list
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Creator Houdini
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I am looking for a way to create a checkoff sheet for new recruits. I would like all officers to be able to add names to this list and have a predesignated list of things that have to be completed by the new recruit and have any officer be able to check off the completion of each item.


Toon Name | Account created | Toons added | Availabilty | etc...
Belly | x | x | x | x
Badboi | x |
Fudan | x | x | x
Rolls | x | x |
Nao |
BigBob |
pushed |
farsight |
moon | x |

These toon names may not be associated to an account because they may not have created it yet as you can see from column 2. The use for this is to allow all officers to be able to see in a glance if the new recruit has completed requirments to level up to a member in the guild.

Let me know what you think. If there is anything I can do to help this get done please let me know. or if you have any other questions.
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