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User Account Deletion

User Account Deletion
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I'm having an issue with an overbearing Site owner. I and many others left his guild, but he is selectively refusing to delete our accounts. I do not want to be in any way associated with these people in the future. Is there functionality to delete one's own account on a site? If not, I would like to suggest it.

I already took steps to replace my email with a dummy one, but I don't feel that's enough.
The issue with this person has still not been resolved. Would it be possible to circumvent him and have our accounts deleted by staff? I realize this may be a hassle but we have exhausted all arguments both polite and rude.
Sorry, but I don't see the issue with this scenario.

If the site-owner is stubborn enough to not delete accounts for people whom have left the guild -- so be it. He'll have a cluttered and outdated site that he's paying money to keep going.

Other than having access to your email address and other info that you signed up with, he doesn't have any other information. He doesn't have your password or anything of that nature. If you want to be extra cautious, login and change your email to something else that's non-existent.

And I'd prefer it to stay this way for users not to be able to delete their account. A compromised account could be disastrous with wiping out someone's DKP history and all of their info. Giving people the ability to delete their account would do more harm than good.

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