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Faster loot distribution

Faster loot distribution
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This idea came to me as we are doing speed clears of Naxx (4 hours or less).

It would be real handy if the grss mod allowed a raider/bidder to link the loot that just dropped with there bid amount. Meaning within a few seconds all loot could be bid on, simultaneously, and biding close and loot handed out. Instead of having to start the biding on a piece, wait 20, 30 seconds, end biding, hand out item, select next item, start the biding, ect, rinse and repeat.

And then for each piece it would be a separate page/tab that I click on and see who won. Maybe nice to also have an error page in case someone does it wrong, but not needed.

Right now we can clear the trash to the next boss faster than 4 pieces of loot can be handed out.

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