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Character profile doesn't show character rank

Character profile doesn't show character rank
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Character profile doesn't show character rank
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Creator Jedis
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Type Bug
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When viewing a profile for a character on the site, it shows their account rank but not their character rank.

Can you change it to show the character rank on the character profile page? This makes more sense to know the 'rank' of the character, as it shows on the roster. It doesn't matter what their account rank is, at least not on this page.

Example: Member account has default privs, but depending on the character, the character might be flagged as a Bot, Class Leader, Tradeskiller, etc. for the roster, but an actual account rank for these people isn't necessarily needed.

EDIT: Makes sense to do the same on the forums too, to show the 'character rank' of the person posting and not their account rank.
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That won't work so well if the account has multiple characters (with multiple ranks (mains vs. alts)) attached to it. Which is the norm in my guild for example.

Though the highest character rank associated with the account could be shown.

For the forum posts, it could have a dropdown list to let you choose which character to post as and either default to the main character or the highest ranked character (probably usually the main anyway).

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