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Default DKP Values, and Custom Values

Default DKP Values, and Custom Values
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Is there any way to have a default value for spent points? We have everyone defaulted at 100 Gear Points in our EPGP system so it requires some raiding to gain priority. Is there any way to have new raiders defaulted to 100 spent points? OR is there any way to do a mass spend points without having to do each member individually?

Bought the DKP system, thinking it would be as supported as Suicide Kings, but it's starting to look like it may be easier to just make everyone download the EPGP addon instead.
You could do a mass Adjustment and give everyone -100. That will accomplish what you're looking to do. That said, the DKP system will only list characters that have some (any) raiding history in the system (like an attendance, or an item received).

It's all in the reflexes.

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