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SKG Uploader

SKG Uploader
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I am currently doing the loot for our Guild Perseid via SKG and am having problems uploading to the website. The first time I uploaded everything went through perfectly, but after our next raid I tried to upload our new list, an to no avail it would not upload. It would just go right back to the same page an ask for the file again.

I had to delete the SKG loot system from the website in order to upload the new list, in doing so I lost the previous raids an who won loot sections an had to redo them.

After our raid last night I tried once again too upload an again it would not, we decided to scrap the who won loot an previous raids section as long as the guildies could see their position on the skg list. Which means we would delete the loot system from the website after ever raid an redo it, yes it its a pain but as of now I don't think its working as intended.

If you have any suggestions as to why it won't upload an what we can do it would be most welcome. Thankyou for looking into this matter.

I'm not exactly sure. Could you post the SKG.lua file that you're uploading, and could you also post the GuildRaidSnapShot.lua file that you're uploading (as this is the file that contains who received which loot).

It's all in the reflexes.
Sure, an just an fyi, I was able to post the list for our Tuesday run no problem.

Also before I post the list I normally have to go into the SKG.lua file and change the special charaters some of our members use. When I upload the list without changing those characters it omits players from the list.

Just incase you need it, I uploaded both the SKG.lua, an the SKG.lua.bak, not sure what the second one is, my guess is a backup list.

Thanks for your help Chops.

Edit oh btw I added the GuildRaidSnapShot.lua file you asked, now I haven't used this before. As a matter of fact the first time I unzipped it was after reading your post. I am assumming it is a wow addon. I am going to try an learn how to use this, but have not yet. If this is needed then I will use it for our next raid on Friday and tell you what if any Issues I am having uploading the loot list.

Any info that you could provide would help.
Alrighty, bear in mind that the SKLG uploader does not import items, it only imports the current standings for the SK system. To import items you'll have to manually record them (Admin > DKP > Items Received), or use the GRSS to import the loot lists.

Also note that one of the files you uploaded is SW_Stats.lua. If this is the file you were uploading, it wouldn't work with the SKG importer. The .bak file is just a backup.

It's all in the reflexes.
Whoops, Yeah my mistake. Here is the skg.lua file. I have one question I installed the guildraidsnapshot addon an I have a question.

If we do loot with skg how will GRSS record the loot won?
Ok I started using GRSS to upload the loot list on the site, and its soooo much faster then entering them manually, thanks for the heads up on that. I also have been using a new system to upload the SKG.LUA file onto the website. So far it has been working like a charm.

Thanks Chops for all your help.

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