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Animated Avatars - How do you make them?

Animated Avatars - How do you make them?
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I've seen some people with animated avatars with their characters. Does anyone know how to make them???
You'll need to get your hands on an "Animated GIF" maker. There are some that will even convert video to animated GIF.

I don't know any good ones off the top of my head, but I'm sure if you google "animated GIF maker" you'll find something.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yes, there are a few websites that will even convert them for you. I use Jasc's software to do my editing.

we use WoW model viewer for the ones people use on our site, its pretty cool and just fun to play with

WoW Model Viewer


Edit - works better on our site as it's color co-ordinated to work there, sword looks odd here with a white background. But you get the idea.
same here Wow model viewer
Yep, I use the model viewer as well.
You all don't know what you've started. The kind of Avatar Kross will create ...well lets just say that you'll feel like u need to give it your Credit Card number in exchange for viewing it.

test test
test test

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