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Item Value & Zone Problems

Item Value & Zone Problems
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Hey chops,
I'm trying to use the Quick edit Items page to edit all the items from (the new) Naxx in our DKP system. I've initialized the zone and all the items from the zone. However they only show up on my "Items" page and not my "Quick Edit Items" page.

I've created a New DKP system for our level 80 raiding.

Any info on this would be very helpful.

Update: It looks like if I simply see all zones I can see the items that I have uploaded SS' for but nothing else.

Check it out now. It should be good to go.

It's all in the reflexes.
I see the changes :-)

Good news and Bad news

Bad news First:
Naxx still isn't working for me :-(

Good News:
Everything else does (Obsidian Sanctum ect.)

Ok so if I select our Current System, Nothing except the items I have uploaded SS's for shows.

Lol this is hard to explain.
Naxx doesn't work Period.
Obsidian Sanctum (and I assume others) work when All Systems is selected.

To Update you on config.
I just deleted our old system so we only have one DKP system going at this time. All the items are still there.
When I select
System: All
Nothing shows up,
When I select
Zone: Blank
System: Current_System

The Items I've imported from Screen Shots are there.

All items appear when no zone or system are selected.

I imagine now that I don't have 2 systems running if I just reinitalize the zone it would be fine, but I'll await your response before doing this just in case :-)

My Goal is to enter all the items prices for the system, have them download into the mod, and then not have to edit the price when the loot drops.

Its not too big of a deal to me really. It may work in my advantage seeing as we have a weird pricing system anyways. The only problem I'm concerned about is if the Item price will get downloaded into the mod correctly.

Heading somewhat off topic: This may be a nightmare to ask for (and to code) but it's a real pain to have to enter each item manually. I can understand why it has to be this way though, seeing as so many guilds have so many different ways of pricing their items. However, it would be great to see some more functionality added to ease some things.

One thing I was thinking of would be like a filter on the item
My first idea was by slot, depending on how the backend works you may or may not be able to do a lot more with this.

The next thing would be like Mass Pricing. Where I could set the price for lots of Items with a single field.
An example would be like Setting all Bracers from a certain zone to be XX points.

Adding on top of the mass pricing (whether or not the idea evolves into just this is up to you), perhaps even a way to simply enter a pricing equation. I would see this working sorta like how you add Custom fields to the DKP:Current Standings Page.

Obviously a lot this would depend largely on the functionality of the site, mainly relying on what is exactly stored about and item in the DB.

Looking forward to your response :-)


There are actually plans to add some kind of automatic point association, based on stats and user-defined formulas, but it's still only in the planning phase.

As for the Naxx items, I'm looking into it now.

It's all in the reflexes.

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