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guild Progression missing Logos

guild Progression missing Logos
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Just a question, anyone out there have the logos for the New WOWTLK instances, as far as the guild progression block is concerned. I used the old Nax logo but dont have one for the eye of eternity or obsidian.
Alrighty, I promised I'd make some and I've delivered. There are now the 4 icons and 4 backgrounds for the 4 major raid zones.

While you can choose them from the drop down, here's what they look like loaded onto your guild's site.

Also deployed is a "Quick Initializer" for the Raid Progression Zone. Head to Admin > Menus > Raid Progression, then click "Add New Raid Zone to this Section"

Then at the top will be a drop down list labeled "Select a Zone to Initialize". Choose the zone you wish to set up and it'll load the bosses for you. You just need to check the boxes for those bosses which you've killed.

It's all in the reflexes.
For the full background images if you're curious:


Obsidain Sanctum

Eye of Eternity

Vault of Archavon

It's all in the reflexes.
nice job Chops! They look great, and the quick initialization was a sweet addition =)

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