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DKP table seems to be out of whack

DKP table seems to be out of whack
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DKP table seems to be out of whack
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Creator aeisler
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I was going to spend a whole lot of words trying to explain the problem, but I think the best idea is for you to go and have a look.


Issue is that Earned - Spent ≠ Current standings.

Is this an issue with the table or an issue with my formula. I am happy to give chops Administrator access if more investigation is required.
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You've enabled EPGP. In EPGP the Current Total = Earned / Spent, rather than Earned - Spent.

Go to Admin and edit the offending DKP System, then uncheck the box labeled "EPGP"

It's all in the reflexes.
lol... that fixed it!.... the issue (once again) was found between the chair and the keyboard.

Thanks mate.

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