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Custom DKP Column Formula

Custom DKP Column Formula
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I took a look around and couldnt find a post that addressed this.

I want to be able to access the total number of raids and use this as a variable.

I dont want it for a particular player which i can do by using "raids"

For example currently we have 109 raids every time we raid it will change....so i want this variable to be called "total raids" I know the calculation is being done cause I can see it on the current standings page..I just want to be able to use that variable in a formula
Currently, that's not an available variable in the custom DKP variables.

Might I as why you want that particular value? (I'm curious about the practical use of such a variable)

It's all in the reflexes.
Actually, you could rebuild that variable.

(raids/(raidpercent/100)) is exactly the same as "Total Raids Available"

Demo with numbers:

Total Raids: 20
Number of Raids Attended: 15
Raid Percent: 75%

15/75% = 20

So in a formula, wherever you wish to use "Total Raids" just use (raids/(raidpercent/100)). It'll be a very close estimate (because of rounding)

It's all in the reflexes.
that might work....the reason being is that for comparison purposes between other players in terms of attendance you need a fixed number not a variable.

We give dkp per hour. So what I want to see is who has been there the most since we started to raid.

I know there is a raid % since joining but that doesnt give me what I want.

P.S nope this doesnt work....it just gives raid totals since joining. I want an overall raid % attendance since we started to raid.

To do this i need to use the actual total raids. otherwise i have no fixed comparison point to reference for all members to do a comparison.
I see. There is a solution to that, though it requires a bit of a hack. Simply make a raid at the beginning of your raiding time worth 0 points and have everyone in attendance. Then that will count as the first raid for everyone, thus giving you an attendance percentage you're looking for.

It's all in the reflexes.

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