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Prefilling out applications

Prefilling out applications
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Prefilling out applications
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Oh here is the deal,
#1 I have created a request/application for guild events but it ask every time for a name , e-mail ect. i have not been able to find any options to take all of that off or change that part of it.

my suggestion, To make check box during the creation of that application that would auto fill with that accounts info (who ever is applying/requesting an event) if they are already a member since only members can see application/request for that certain event.

#2 if the application for joining the guild is say for a Black Orc why do they need to reput Black orc in the application when thats what they click on and applying for? Again have it auto fill that portion in for which ever class they are applying for. Could not find any options for that one eather

Ok thats my tid bit. Hope its a good idea and to see it soon!
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