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DKP Item Weight Mod

DKP Item Weight Mod
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DKP Item Weight (Taken-As) Mod
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Creator Wyllie
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Status Open
Type Suggestion
Section of the Site DKP
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First of all let me take this opportunity to say how very pleased we are with our site. It has been extremely easy to manage.

An issue has recently resurfaced within our guild regarding the weight given to items. We are not a DKP guild strictly-speaking, i.e. we do not use points, our use of the DKP system on this site is primarily for tracking. However, we do prioritize items based on the date last received, along with many other factors. Sometimes an item is taken as Backup, Resist, or something other than Main.

Our question is: can we get a set of selections or a table added to allow us to create an item weight (taken-as) list that could be used when adding an item received, and displayed in the list of items received by a character in the profile? This would allow us an easier way to differentiate items taken as Main items from others during loot decisions.

Thanks for your time and attention!
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To clarify, this would be a selection made when awarding an item (under Items Received)

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