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Tracking Cookies

Tracking Cookies
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Tracking Cookies
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My guild is Forgotten Bloodlines Dragonblight Alliance US
Our site addy is http://fbl.dkpsystem.com
My issue (not sure if it happening to others or not)
I load our guild website which is shortcutted to go to our guild site main page directly from my desktop. Each time I hit my desktop link my Norton AntiVirus is triggered and it finds a Tracking Cookie :banghead:
We are an active guild and use our guild site very often to keep things scheduled, communicate with eachother, etc. Could you please check into this and see why I am getting Tracking Cookies from our site and let me know if there is a way to fix it?
Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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The tracking cookie is likely from Google Analytics, which tracks user activity on the site (nothing malicious, just things like pageviews, visit duration, browser version, etc).

Do you have any further details about the nature of the cookie (source, etc)?

For information about Cookies, and their harmless nature, I'd like to recommend this link:


It's all in the reflexes.

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