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Problem with Raid Event

Problem with Raid Event
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Problem with Raid Event
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Creator khayman68
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I have a problem on my raid events for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

I run the EGA.dkpsystem.com site.

A user signed up for a raid but his character was set up for the wrong WoW Server, i.e. he was registered to Lothar (EU) when he is actually on Lothar (US).

I noticed this and attempted to resolve the problem by merging his manually created character with the one I created for him a while back. Now I am unable to see him in the Raid Event to approve him, deny him or anything. I also am unable to sign him up for the event because he is actaully already signed up.

His toon does not show up in the list but it does show that there is someone waiting for approval.

Would you please assist me in resolving this problem.

Thank you,
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