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Application Voting

Application Voting
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Application Voting
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Creator Shianne
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Type Bug
Section of the Site Applications
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When a new application is submitted, we are no longer getting a Vote option since the update today. All old applications still have one, but new ones do not. It is important that ou members be able to vote on the recruits. Please give us back the Vote option!
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Hmm sounds wird matey - I just got an app on our forums and our voting works on both public and private apps.

silly question maybe but have u checked your settings under applications and recruitment?

Also there was a bug reported about this some hours ago, where chops have replied it should be fixed
REceived application on Friday, voting present.

Received one on Wednesday, no voting present.

No changes made other than the forum update by DKPsystems.

And yes, voting is on in the Recruitment Settings.
Ok found way to add poll and see that this has been fixed for future.
This issue should be resolved.

It's all in the reflexes.

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