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Last Items Received look/feel

Last Items Received look/feel
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Last Items Received look/feel
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Creator kaij
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Any way we could get the "Last Items Received" section of the menu to have some options? Frankly I would love to remove the "[DATE] by [NAME] for [#] points" under each item, i.e. go back to the way it looked before these most recent changes.

I also understand that plenty of people out there may very well prefer the new look, I'd just like the option to show or not show that second line.
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This can be made an option

It's all in the reflexes.
Quote by Chops
This can be made an option

I manlove you. Thanks!

Would love this to be added, particularly with the WoW expansion about a month away. A lot of gear will be pouring in and the double-tall item entries will be a problem for many I'm sure.
I definitely preferred the way this information was displayed previously. When can we expect an option to change this?
This can actually be done with the CSS now.

Add the following CSS rules:

.lastitemsreceived tr.list1, .lastitemsreceived tr.list2


Give that a shot.

It's all in the reflexes.

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