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Odd Forum Url bug ?

Odd Forum Url bug ?
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Odd Forum Url bug ?
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Creator kbman
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I think this is a bug, but it\'s really odd behavior

When you open a forum link the link reads


When you click on it, it then opens the thread, but the Url changed to something like:


Now the odd thing is, is that when you do a view source of the page, it shows the forum index source code, and not the current page you\'re viewing\'s source code.

If I then go and change the url to read


It opens up the correct page, but it changes the url to read


I can then do a view source, and it shows me the correct page source.

I\'m not sure if there are any repercussions or reasons for doing it this way... or maybe it\'s a firefox thing...
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The URLs with the # will no longer work, as that was a hack for the full-AJAX mode.

But the new URLs should all work well.

It's all in the reflexes.

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