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layout for new forums doesn't stay

layout for new forums doesn't stay
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here is a complaint from a user of the new boards. hoping that this is something that can be fixed.

the only thing im not liking about the new layout is that it doesnt want to save the layout that i pick for it from the drop down menu.. like
dkpsystem.com: Like-digg
dkpsystem.com: flat

it randomly picks one when i refresh sometimes. and when I use the go back button it takes me to a previous post or all the way back to the news page instead of the forum.

just wanted to post it up incase no one else had. not sure if anyone else is having that probelm.
Hey Chops,

Some members of ours have experienced this aswell.
This should be fixed now.

It's all in the reflexes.
thank you. you rock as always!

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