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Automatically Recovered Thread

Automatically Recovered Thread
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We're having a wee little problem with our forums, and I also had a general question.

First of all, we've managed to orphan the first post in our forums. We had made a post to test them out, then went in and changed some ranks and thread tags around. Afterwards our first post could no longer be accessed, yet it shows up in the count. How do we go about purging our forum database?

Second issue is sort of a How-To thing. We have a raiding alliance with an outside guild, but we'll be handling the DKP for it and we'd also like to host some "alliance" forums. I understand the thread tag thing, but I'm not sure how we can section off an area to be for "Alliance Leaders" (our officers and their officers only) without either giving the alliance leaders access to our guild posts and/or giving our members access to the 'Alliance Leaders" section. This is all due to the single rank system, and the fact that a certain rank gives access to every thread tag under it. Any ideas on how I can implement this and still lock down specific areas to the correct people?


Darkstalker (jblue69)

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