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Consideration for featured Guild?

Consideration for featured Guild?
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Hi there I wanted to come and toot my own horn so to speak.

And I was hoping you would consider our site for your featured guild list. Our guild name changed from verum comitatus to disciples of serenity so the url changed as well.


Just a few things that you might want to know. Its does have a custom splash screen which took me seems like forever to create the flash animation. I also took the original Warhammer template that you guys provided and modified it quite a bit. I even used some of the code from the blood elf template to get my final look. Of course with the original Warhammer template came with its own alternating character pics but I replaced them with some that I modified using photoshop, that were from the Order side of warhammer. I also uploaded a flavicon but it doesn't seem to be showing up , oh well it might just need some time.

So there it is in a nut shell. I know I will probably tweek it here and there as time passes but all in all I am very pleased with the way it turned out. And I just wanted to share it.
I apologize for the late comments.

You've done pretty well so far. But, I'm finding the aesthetics to be a fair bit clashing.

In particular, the background images I'm finding difficult to look at, as well as lacking in...unity, perhaps.

The coding is fine, and works well, but I'd look into retouching the graphics a bit.

Am I making sense?

It's all in the reflexes.

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