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Ranks not changing

Ranks not changing
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Ranks not changing
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Creator Atalos
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Status Closed
Type Bug
Section of the Site Accounts
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We have a problem in changing ranks on our webpage


is our website

The ranks show correctly on our roster,
but when they log in it shows that our officers are veteran
I'm the guild master but says im Initiate....
we want to hide some things btw our officers and members
and give privelage to our officers but we can't since
they are just regular members
please help us change the ranks as is shows on our roster
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Keep in mind that character ranks can be different from account ranks. Heading to Admin > Characters will allow you to change the ranks of the characters and heading to Admin > Website Accounts will allow you to change the ranks of the Website Accounts.

Or am I misunderstanding your issue?

It's all in the reflexes.

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