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Advanced Dropin Template BUGS!

Advanced Dropin Template BUGS!
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We've recently changed our homepage design to an Advanced Dropin Template (Blood Elf). We really enjoy the new look on the site, it looks awsome. However we are experiencing some bugs, and im hoping you can adjust or help us getting those fixed for us.

1. Sometimes the last post in a thread gets all smudged and the last bar with all the DKPsystem.com info blends with the last post, a simple F5 command gets it fixed though, but it is annoying.

2. We are in the core an Scandinavian/Swedish guild but we generally have the site in english due to our European members in the guild. However once in awhile we want to to speak/write in Swedish for example is looks really messed up, like this:

" Naturligtvis kommer familj och barn f�re WoW! Lycka till, �ven om vi inte l�rt k�nna varandra ordentligt s� kommer jag �nd� sakna dig! Lycka till �n en g�ng! ". Before the change to this template we had no or little issues with this, is it possible to fix this?

Meaning our Swedish letters such as: , , does not work.

3. Also, i edited the CSS file i belive it was, to remove the Bloodelf picture from the topbar, since it really does not fit our guild, we are Alliance . But for some weird reason it still shows up in IE?? Im no expert whatsoever, so i might've forgotten something though.

4. While im at it, one more minor bug to report; The Items Received window, that shows the latest loot, does not apear to show who got em, and for how much DKP any longer? Any clues?

5. When ppl request items, using "Request for item" it really looks messed up.

Thank you in advance.

// Signed, Mektashari GM & Administrator of HellFire Clan.
Thank you, I'll look into this for you.

It's all in the reflexes.

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