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Setting alerts

Setting alerts
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I have a question. I think I might be overlooking something but the officers in my guild are telling me that they no longer receive alerts. What do I need to do to make it so they can see all the alerts that I get? The website is Fury.dkpsystem.com

Thanks in advance
You'll want to head to Admin > Security > Feature Access. This is where you would set which ranks have access to which features.

At current, your officers don't have access to edit character information (which is the one labeled "members" in the Feature Access) section. This currently amounts to one of the alerts currently on your site ("Characters Pending Approval").

The other major one which your officers should be seeing right now is the "Request for Items."

If you have some specifics (such as a member who doesn't show an alert, but you know should currently be seeing one) please let me know, or have him/her post here.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks for your help. The main issue we are having is they are not receiving alerts when we get a new application.

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