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Sign Ups - Status Jumping during approval

Sign Ups - Status Jumping during approval
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Sign Ups - Status Jumping during approval
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Creator Moonora
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I'm having an issue with the approval, decline, and waiting list approvals via the sign ups.

When I click on a name to approve them they will turn green as they should. I can go through 3 or 4 sign ups like these. Then I may click on an other one and once I approve them all my sign ups turn red (including those I'd just approved). I can click on another signup after this occurs and approve them and it will restore all the previous people I've approved.....

O.o Hopefully I didn't confuse you by that tail chasing explanation

I think the sign ups at least appear correct to everyone else. (Or so I hope, guess I'll know when someone doesn't show up for raid and tells me they didn't see themselves approved, lol)

But its scary to watch that happen.
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I think I know what's happening. It seems the database slaves might be a touch behind. If it happens, try waiting a few seconds and just hitting F5 (or CTRL+R, which is reload). It should display properly then.

It's all in the reflexes.

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