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July 20th Downtime! 7-day extension! Details.

July 20th Downtime! 7-day extension! Details.
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A newsletter sent out to the guild operators today described briefly what had caused the outage today.

In short, the data center from which our servers are hosted got DDoSed hard today, with the attacks specifically targeting the core routers.

For more details, this thread on webhostingtalk.com details what happened, for those curious, and what the data center staff was doing to fix it. Pay special attention to posts by "Karl Zimmerman" who is the owner of Steadfast Networks, our hosting company. This thread on Steadfast's forum summarizes the issue even better.

In any case, all DKPSystem.com sites have been given a 7-day extension for the inconvenience.

It's all in the reflexes.

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