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Apply: Default ???

Apply: Default ???
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Under our Currently Recruiting menu clicking the link Apply efault does nothing. It just goes back to the main page.

Shouldn't this take you to the Default application??

What am I missing??

yes it should.

I have the same problem and there have allready been made a ticket about it aswell - so guessing something messed up recently.
My Currently Recruiting Window used to sinply list the classes with one link above them that said Apply to Tainted.

Now it shows up as Apply: Apply to Tainted.

it throws off the centering and makes the window look funky. Also, the link doesn't work, it just takes you back to the news.php.

Hopefully this can be addressed cause i was liking how professional the site was looking and that kinda just throws it all out of whack hehe
The link is now fixed, and the "Apply:" prefix has been removed, replaced with just a link to the name of the Application.

It's all in the reflexes.

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