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Favicon Help?

Favicon Help?
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Hi I am tryign to get this to work as a favicon for my site loacted at http://PestilenceGuild.DKPSystem.com and it will not work.

Here are the 2 files.


When i upload the ico it shows nothing in the preview, but when i upload the jpg it shows the icon but does not place it.

Is there maybe a line of code I need to put in the CSS or something that is missing from the Wrath Template Coding?

On some browsers, the .ico file won't render on the page itself (with the preview image). Image files like gif, png, and jpeg will work as icon files for Firefox, but not for Internet Explorer. .ico files should work for all browsers, but it seems some icons just act oddly.

I recommend this icon maker for use on your site.

It's all in the reflexes.

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