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News Posts and Comments

News Posts and Comments
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I'm working on posting an announcement on our website for our members but first I wanted to make sure about something. At the moment, I have the news post to only be shown to "Guild Master". When you post a comment to a news post, it puts it under the "news" thread tag. Do the comments also keep the same permissions as the news post or are those under a separate permissions scheme?

I ask because I want to post the announcement, then put the details about the event in a reply to the news post. But I'm not ready to announce it just yet and don't want people to see the comments until I change the permissions of the news post. Please advise. Thanks!
Ya know what? That's a bug you've revealed. The forum won't account for the rank of the news post. The forum will use the rank of the Thread Tag. This is a bug that needs fixing and will get fixed with the forum rewrite that's currently in the works.

It's all in the reflexes.
S-M-R-T, I am so smart! hehe, j/k.

/gobbling up all the credit for finding a bug

Good to know, thanks. I'll get the post ready first and then post it when i'm ready to announce.

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