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Loot not showing DKP spent in 'Last Items Received'

Loot not showing DKP spent in 'Last Items Received'
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Loot not showing DKP spent in 'Last Items Received'
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Creator Aliyrra
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Status Closed
Type Bug
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The problem is isn't consistent. Some items show DKP spent, other items do not when moused over. I can't see a pattern myself.
Official DKPSystem.com Comments
Closed due to the clarification. The amount spent when hovering over the items spent is being phased out of the Wowhead-based tooltips.

If you guys really want them to stay, let me know, and if there's enough support, we can reimplement them to (somehow) work with the wowhead tooltips.
This is caused by the new items using the power.js fuinctionality recently added. Those tooltips which will work with power.js will not show the amount spent.

It's all in the reflexes.

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