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Retired/Quit Setting on Character

Retired/Quit Setting on Character
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Retired/Quit Setting on Character
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Creator Quaiche
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I'd like some more information on what the "Retired/Quit" checkbox does on the Edit Character screen.

The hint says "Removes from Rosters and DKP, but retains DKP history" but I have a question...

We use Zero-Sum DKP. If I check that box for a former member, what is the result wrt the DKP total? If we are balanced (i.e. at zero total across the guild) do we stay balanced? If we are not balanced, can I transfer that amount to a mule toon as part of the decommission?


PS. Love the update so far.
Official DKPSystem.com Comments
A reminder to implement the Current Standings page list limited to the Roster itself.
When you say "Average" I assume you're referring to the graph, right?

The graph does not take the "Retired" box into account.

That said, however, I'll be making the "Roster on DKP System" affect the "Current Standings" page. The graph would still be calculated.

It's all in the reflexes.

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