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dkp raid%

dkp raid%
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dkp raid%
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Creator Teriael
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Type Bug
Section of the Site DKP
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ok my site raid % is not correct...

when i go and look at on persons attendance it shows all events i gave no points to them for and then when i look at some people attendance it only shows events they were there for...

so the people the missed events are actually getting 100% raid% when they shouldent have that

To sum it up its not showing raids missed for certain char its only showing the raids they were there for not ones they missed so its messing up the raid %
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Which character is being affected. It's worth noting that the raid attendance calculation starts the first date that a member has raided.

So, for example, if you raid 5 times:

Jan 15
Jan 30
Feb 12
Feb 19
Feb 25

But "JoeBlow" attended for the first time on Feb 25, he will have 100% raid attendance, and from then on, Feb 25 is his effective start date for attendance.

This is implemented to prevent new users from suddenly being 1% raid attendance because they haven't 1) been in your guild for the first year, thus 2) missing the first 100 raids.

It's all in the reflexes.
is there a way to get around that cause we want it to be like that we dont want it to go from first day they raided we want it to go off of the first raid event
Create a bogus raid on the first day you raided, and mark everyone as being in attendance, also make sure to award zero points. That single event, however, will be considered in the calculations.

That's the only way right now.

Though, for the life of me, I cannot determine why you would want to do that. Why penalize new members simply for being new?

It's all in the reflexes.
currently we arent recruting thats why its certain members trying to come in and take loot

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