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Menu Oddities

Menu Oddities
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Since the patch, I've had a few whiners talkin about the menu being quirky - top menu items disappearing. I ignored them until it started happening to me (I know, bad GM bad.) So here's screenies of what's happening...

The default view is the image entitled with bug.jpg. Once you do a CTRL F (Find) and type in Gallery or any of the missing menu items, the tada.jpg image depicts the result.

Please advise as this is happening to more and more folks now (likely because they are just now saying things whining to me)

Thank you kindly,
I am happy to facilitate a WebEx to show what's happening if the images and description aren't clear.
Your issue should be fixed. The problem had to do with having too many items on your main menu. I moved the new "Applications" menu to your Resources menu, and that should take care of it.

It's all in the reflexes.

Thank you kindly Chops.

Please write a book on how not to suck as a hosting company. Your service is impeccable.


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