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Event Signups - extra info

Event Signups - extra info
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Hey Chops,

Not sure how to incorporate this however I am looking for a way so that people can display what type of "spec" they are:


Hemo - Rogue
Elemental - Shaman


The end result I am looking for is that I currently design my raids thtough three roles - Healers - DPS - Tanks. It would be great to see in a sign up how many of the DPS in particular are of a certain spec.

One option is to use Notes however perhaps a way of incorpating jsut a letter after their name.

So the output would be:

(0 of 12 - 14)
Themaddogg Warlock D 5/31/08 10:52am
Jackolas Hunter B 5/31/08 3:04pm
Deathjesta Rogue H 6/1/08 3:26am
Toubanik Mage A 6/2/08 9:16am

In the case of the above:

D = Destruction
B = Beastmaster
H - Hemo
A - Arcan

What do you think?
What I'd recommend here would be a little different, but it would accomplish what you're looking for, in a way.

With Secondary Roles, you could create all class/build combinations (I know - that means adding 27 Secondary Roles). But doing this will then give each signup 3 checkboxes that they can check.

Admittedly, the secondary roles are optional, so the users aren't forced to even choose a secondary role, but it's an option.

Perhaps Build is something that could be added in the future to the event signups.

It's all in the reflexes.

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