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DKp listing everyone twice

DKp listing everyone twice
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DKp listing everyone twice
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Creator Anamcara
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Type Bug
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Hey there Chops! :D me again lol

since the update (which i love) well found a few bugs...most recenlty under my dkp listings...i have two different dkp lists....and the second one (for hyjal/BT) lists everyone\\\'s name twice and i can not figure out why!? i know that both you and i had played with the special rosters (which though i have created i still can\\\'t use not becuase it wont get saved but now when i do save it it wont let me put in a date for a raid) anyhow i dunno how to unchange this and it makes it rather difficult for me to quickly figure out who wins during raids lol :D

I dont use mods as i find with my dkp system (modified zero sum) its just easier to manually input info...so i dunno what would make this happen.

anyhow help would be great :D worst outcome is i hafta to delete and redo...


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seems to have fixed itself..i see you on my site sent you a private thread thank you
As stated in that private thread, the solution is to click the "Inaccurate? Recalculate" link at the top of the current standings page.

It's all in the reflexes.

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