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Ability to mass edit ranks

Ability to mass edit ranks
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Ability to mass edit ranks
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Creator Sylkn
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It would be really nice if there was a way to mass edit \"ranks\" so that they could automatically be hidden from a roster instead of having to go into each character listed and manually adjust each one.
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I'm not exactly sure I understand your request.

I understand the idea of mass editing the ranks in general, but are you editing the characters to remove their ranks altogether?

It's all in the reflexes.
For our guild we have the following active ranks: Officers, Raiders, Trials, Socials and Alternates. (in that order of "permissions")

We only want Trials and above to appear on our main roster (the link that says "roster" under the "resource" box. For every Social and Alternate I have to manually go into the "character" section and select "hide from all rosters" in order to hide Socials and Alternates from that roster.

I think now with the new updates that I will have to Create 2 new rosters since we have a policy that for our 25 man raids only Trial and above can sign up. So for those raids I can set the min rank to sign up at trial.

But for other events that guild members make (like 10 man raids, and raids not on our active schedule that they do on off raid nights) I will have to create a second roster that will show all socials and alts (since they can participate in those raids with any char at any rank). And then manually add in each character that is eligible to sign up.

This is if I understand how the new "Roster" system is working?
Actually now that I think about it maybe the best solution for our guild would actually be the ability to "auto sign-up" people for raids by "rank" rather than a roster.

We could just have one roster that only shows Trial rank and above (all others are hidden).

When creating an event for our 25 man raids on our regular raid schedule it would be nice to have the ability to "automatically" sign up anyone with Trial rank or higher (rather than by roster) since the roster has to be updated everytime someone changes ranks etc.

We run a really tight raiding roster and typically only have 1-2 people missing a random night here and there, but people forget and/or get tired of going to sign up all the time for 5 raids each week, so they often don't do it, which means when I use GRSS in game to "invite" those signed up are still alot of people I have to manually invite. So if they only had to "unsign" when they would be absent it would be easier on them. Or they just wouldn't be online to take the invite.

That would allow us to maintain one roster, and the ability for people to sign up for "off night/player run" raids in 10 man/old world content and allow people to choose what char to sign up with (be it a social member or an alternate character).

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