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Setting Custom Roster for DKP

Setting Custom Roster for DKP
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Setting Custom Roster for DKP
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Creator Enarra
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I created a custom roster (that needs some refinement.. but a topic for a different ticket). I then set the custom roster as the roster I wanted to use for my DKP and hit "save". But the change did not occur, so I checked the DKP edit page again and it went back to "All World of Warcraft Players". I tried again, and again it reset itself.
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Same problem here. Only mine isn't reverting. It still shows that i have the new roster selected, but when i go to add attendnace for the dkp system it pulls up the entire list.

I was looking forward to small dkp entry pages. lol.
Sure enough. Working on it now.

It's all in the reflexes.
Both problems should be fixed.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yup. Everything is working now. Thanks.
Thank you. Working on my site too.


It's all in the reflexes.
I also seem to be having this issue I created a "raiding" roster and set my DKP system to use it. The settings are getting saved and it says its reading the "raiding" roster but the Current Standings page has not changed. I gave it a day or two to see if the maintenance would fix it but it has not.

Ive tried resaving the DKP settings multiple times as well as having an admin (and no admin) for the "raiding" roster. All the settings appear to be correct but I might have done something wrong. FYI I used the Quick Add to create this roster. I've hit recalculate on the current standings page and its still showing the old list.
Still having a small problem. I'm unable to remove anyone from the new custom roster. If i click on [Edit] and deselect the checkbox of the roster in question and click "Save" it just sits there. It doesn't go through.

Any ideas?
After further testing, it seems that it does work its just VERY VERY VERY slow. Not sure why. The rest of the site works great. Just that takes foreverrerer.

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