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Rangers Website activation

Rangers Website activation
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Rangers Website activation
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I just sent an email about a website I use to have...

Rangers DKP website.. I forgot to leave my e-mail..


This is trying to reactivate my old site I had is it possible or do I have to start from scratch...

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Your old website would indeed still be saved, but if it expired past the 14-day grace period, then it's only there as a backup, which I'll have to manually recover.

If you create an account, I can dig through the archives to find it and restore it for you.

I've deleted the other ticket you submitted, as it was a duplicate.

It's all in the reflexes.
hey Chops,
No worries.. I seen that you did a lot with DKP system since I last had it. I will keep what I just redesigned I love the new styles. You rock bro your customer service has been the greatest in helping me solve issues. I have maybe but 1 or 2 with the new one but I like learning from error and trial ...

THX bro feels nice to be back!


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