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Guild Bank Errors

Guild Bank Errors
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Guild Bank Errors
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Creator mrbrant
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Our guild bank is not importing right. There is a lot of extraneous gear in there that was never in our guild bank (like the Priest codecies and most of the blue gear).

I think it may be uploading player personal inventories or perhaps uploading gear from another guild.

All of our inventory appears in there as well though, but with a lot of stuff that is not ours.

Is there a way you can reset our guild bank and I can upload it?
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I'm not quite sure yet. If you have officers who have characters in other guilds (either on your server or another server), it's possible that the guild bank information from those guilds is being imported.

If you head to Admin > General Settings > Guild Banks, you'll see quite a few tabs there. You can delete the tabs that are not yours.

It's all in the reflexes.

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