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No classes in calendar popup

No classes in calendar popup
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No classes in calendar popup
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Creator Quaiche
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Type Bug
Section of the Site Templates
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It is currently impossible to style the mini-calendar popup since there are no classes applied and the whole thing is one cell in one row in one table.

A few things that could help dramatically:

1. Use classes more on the elements.
2. Use a set of nested DIV tags instead of a table
3. If you must use a table, use one row per event so we can better control the display of the events

Right now, for example it renders this for one of the days on my calendar:

<table class=ttb style='width:325px'>
	<b>Karazhan Thug Team</b><br />
	6:30pm<br />
	<span style=\'color:lightgreen\'>0 approved signups</span>   <br />
	You are not signed up for this event<br />
	<br /><br />
	<i><font color=#777777>Click for details and to sign up</font></i>

It would be so much more stylable if it looked like this instead:

<div class='ttb'>
	<div class='ttb_event'>
		<div class='ttb_event_name'>Karazhan Thug Team</div>
		<div class='ttb_event_time'>6:30pm</div>
		<div class='ttb_event_pstatus'>You are not signed up for this event</div>
		<!-- Etcetera -->

I would really beg of you again to try to remove as much formatting as possible from the emitted HTML stread and move it into a generated CSS file.

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Thanks man. I can almost definitely make that happen. I am still trying to slowly replace the embedded style information with class-based info, and request that that stuff be pointed out as you encounter it, so that I can change what users deem important.

It's all in the reflexes.
Been doing a LOT of CSS based restyling of our site, so I'll keep posting more as I uncover it.



Quaiche - Addon Author, Druid, and Guild Leader for Benevolent Thuggery on Dragonblight
If you hadn't noticed, this was added in the big update, and the details posted into the CSS Changes thread

It's all in the reflexes.

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