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Deleting the GRSS file

Deleting the GRSS file
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Do I just delete the GuildRaiSnapShot.lua file? I am afraid to, but I keep having double uploads.

Also, is there another link for the GRSS mod download other than granting admin rights to people? I want other people to be able to take snapshots just in case I'm not there. I don't want to give anyone admin rights unless I'm on vent with them for uploading a new raid. Kind of like GRSS back ups. Only then would they have temporary admin access.

One more thing, since Majordomo doesn't actually die, the grss isn't automatically done. Anyway to automate that?
Sure, you could just link the file to them at http://reaper.dkpsystem.com/files/GuildRaidSnapShot.zip . You could easily make a dynamic Menu item that points to that.

Deleting the GRSS file won't cause any harm at all. If you'll notice, there's a section in the Admin Menu called "View Previous Snapshots"

Finally, for the Majordomo bug, it's been fixed in the testing version and in just a few days will be deployed, so if you can hold out for a few more days, you won't have to deal with manually taking the domo snapshot anymore.

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Outstanding. Thank You. And btw, great work on everything you have done. I was searching the internet for a gaming web template when your site came up and ...thank god! I don't even want to think about the time you have saved me.

The domo bug..I just don't want to hear any excuses if I happen not to be there, know what I mean!

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