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DKP has a mind of its own

DKP has a mind of its own
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DKP has a mind of its own
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My dkp for the entire guild changes on its own after a few days. It is adding several hundred to earned dkp and spent dkp. Did I set something up wrong or is it a bug. I stays correct for a day or 2 then for no reason I can see it changes.

This isn't very urgent but is very annoying.
Thanks for the help.

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You have decay enabled, and it's set up to decay in reverse.

I've attached and highlighted the offending part of your decay setup.

With your configuration there of "20" in the "Fully decayed value", every SINGLE point is decaying UP to 20.

So, if you were to earn 1 point, after your total time, it will become 20 points (which is probably not what you're trying to do).

What you want that fully decayed value to be is something like 0.20, which would mean "all points eventually decay to 20% of their value". Your current version means "all points eventually decay to 2000% of their value."

Does that make sense?

It's all in the reflexes.
yes it does thank you for getting back to me so soon. I'll fix my error.

Thanks again

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