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Ability to add menu items to Calendar

Ability to add menu items to Calendar
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Ability to add menu items to Calendar
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Creator Sullice
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It'd be great to have the ability to add menu items to built ins such as the Calendar, and Login.

My original layout had links for adding events and raid availability directly below the calendar. I am not able to achieve this in my current layout without making a new menu for those links, as can be viewed on my website. It'd be nice to have those links right below the [Filter] text on the Calendar.
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You actually COULD pull this off, but it would require you diving more into the Advanced Layout (something it looks like you're perfectly comfortable doing).

Your top two menus are "Login" and "Calendar". So where you have the following code, you'd have to tweak it like this (not exactly like this, but you should get the point):

Where you have this code:


You could do this

<div class="menus">
	<a href="adminevent.php">Add/Edit Event</a><br />
	<a href="availability.php">Raid Availability</a>
<div class="base"></div>

Keep in mind the <!--System:Calendar--> function will display the Calendar without the surrounding menu HTML (which is why we had to include it in the code for the manual display). The mention of "Calendar;Login;Menu" (note the semicolon) is a semicolon-delimited list of the menus to NOT show in that part (because we manually put them there)

All that said, admins can pretty quickly add events using the Big Calendar's Plus button, if you were unaware.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ah, ok. I racked my brain last night digging into my the code for my layout and even attempting to do it solely through the menu system. I just could not get it to work.

Your solution was glaringly obvious (I guess I shouldn't be messing with code with only 2 hours rest). Thanks a bunch.

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