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<Indecent> US-Feathermoon, recruiting for KZ, ZA, Gruul/Mag

<Indecent> US-Feathermoon, recruiting for KZ, ZA, Gruul/Mag
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No shirts, no shoes, no problem. We let it all hang out here!

The tabard is here, our bank is full, our raiders are ready. <Indecent> Is currently searching for exceptional and dedicated players for our progression into 10 and 25 man content. If you think you can fill the billet below, feel free to visit our website ( http://indecent.dkpsystem.com ), read the rules and regulations, and apply for a position. Sydnei will be with you as soon as the application has been seen.

Note to all applicants. This is a serious raiding guild. If you don't have the time to commit, or are just looking for a quick gear fix, this is not the place for you. Also, you MUST join the guild in order to have a permanent position. We are not accepting subs or casuals at this time.

Karazhan - 11/11 - Farm
Zul'Aman - 1/6
Gruul - 1/2
Mag 0/1

-Raiding mods (DBM/Bigwigs), threat meters (OMEN 2), etc, and a working version of Ventrilo.

Currently recruiting:

(1) Feral druid - Tanking type*
*419 defense minimum.

(2) Holy paladin*
(1) Resto shaman*
(1) Resto druid
*1300-1400+ bonus healing suggested.

(1) Hunter, BM/Marks
(4) Shaman - elemental / enhancement
(1) Rogue - combat swords
(1) Mage - Any spec
(1) Priest - Holy**
(1) Priest - Shadow***
(1) Paladin - Holy
**1400+ healing suggested.
*** 800+ Spell Damage Suggested

(1) Warlock - Destro/Affl.*
*700-900+ Sp damage minimum suggested.

Raid times:
- Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:00pm-10pm server. (invites go out at 6:30PM)
- Sundays at 6:30-10pm server, optional Karazhan badge/gear run.

Officer and class-lead positions are available to those who show responsibility, and the desire to lead by example.

Thanks for your time, hope to talk to you in game.

<Indecent> GM

If I'm goin' down, then I'm goin' down good.

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