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When I tried to upload my guilds first MC run it recorded each individual boss as a seperate raid.
Ive already erased my lua file, am i screwed? Do i have to make adjustments for all the people? And if so how do I make and adjustment and show what the person got?

This is how we have it set up.

Each boss in MC is worth 1 point Ragnaros is worth 2.
On each of the guilds first boss kills we award 5 points extra instead of the normal 1. We also award dkp based on time in raid. 2 dkp per hour. Is there a way to make a variabel like this for the hourly rate, or is that just more adjustments?


Don't worry about the "Raid" terminology. A "Raid" in this context is simply a "place where points are earned on a mass scale." I've recently tied the Calendar Events to the "Raids" as a way of joining all that information together. It would probably make more sense to swap the terms "Raid" and "Event." Right now, a boss kills is a Raid inside an Event, while swapping the terms would make it "Killing a boss is an Event inside a Raid." In either case, there's a heirarchy of precedence, and the single most important thing in any case is that the points get recorded properly, as well as being granular enough that your players can see exactly where the points come from. If you didn't have that level of granularity and they just saw "15 points for Tuesday" with no explanation and no breakdown of where the points come from, that can end up being a problem, and without that potential audit capability, makes corruption that much easier (not that I'm calling you and your officers corrupt at all, just saying)

In any case, for your setup, it sounds like this is the way to set it up:

1) auto-Snapshots for every boss, that's correct
2) Snapshot at the beginning for the on-time bonus (something like /grss on time)
3) Take a snapshot every hour (that's tedius, I know, I intend on adding an hourly auto-snapshot to it for guilds that do hourly points).

Then when you're uploading the snapshots, make sure you fill in the proper values and destinations for each. I suggest adding an "MC-Hourly" destination, as well as an "MC-On Time" destination (Or you could just add a general purpose "Molten Core" destionation and use it for both the on-time and hourly points).

Adjustments are primarily if you need to make little tweaks here and there, but raid attendance is absolutely key, and needs to be recorded in the "DKP Raids" section.

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