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Players having difficulty signing up for calendar events

Players having difficulty signing up for calendar events
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Players having difficulty signing up for calendar events
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Getting some mild guild drama about people that claim to have signed up for events but in fact... the calendar does not reflect the signup. I'm getting too many reports of this to consider it a player error.

The common complaint is that sometimes people have to sign up 2-3 times before they are reflected on the calendar. We actually have a sticky post now to have people make sure they are visible on the event after they signed up.

Any known issues with the new calendar overhaul? I briefly browsed this forum and didn't see anything that jumped out at me that matched this description.

Thanks in advance for your time as usual.
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I'm not sure, to be honest. I'm not seeming to be able to reproduce the issue.

Is there any kind of pattern? Have you experienced the problem? Do all of them use the same browser?

It's all in the reflexes.
OK. I've posted on our guild thread regarding this to have people post more detail about their failures. Will advise as I get more. Thanks for looking into this.
I had people complain about this once. What was happening is that they were looking at the main page to see if they were signed up by mousing over the date before reloading their browser. The mouseover for the calendar does not automatically update after you sign up for an event.

The second thing people were doing was signing up as 'Nobody' since its the first thing in the drop down list when you sign up for a raid.
I came here to post exactly what they said ^^^

Prior to recent changes... you used to see your signup on the calendar event right after you submitted it. You now must close and reopen the day to see yourself on there. If you press submit again (in an attempt to see yourself ) It removes you from the entry. I bet some sleepy/lazy/half attentive people must have hit the submit a second time and removed themselves from the event.

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