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Recruiting Details

Recruiting Details
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Under the Recruiting window menu, at the very top is a link called "Apply Here" and is always available, so if i have classes that are closed from recruitment then they can still click the link, cause if they are closed I will normally disable the class icon from going to the Application.

In addition to that when they do click the icon, and it auto fills in the class, can you make it to where they can not change the class via the dropdown box, this is another way to lock the window down to the class you are advertising

Thanks for all you do... you offer so much at such an affordable price... i have directed many a guild master to your site



So, even thought you are not currently recruiting for a particular class, you'd like to block incoming requests for that class.

My self, I've thought of it as a business: While a position might not be open, we'll still accept resumes and keep them on file for when we potentially need more.

It's all in the reflexes.

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