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Raid availability not being wiped

Raid availability not being wiped
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I am wanting to wipe my guilds raid availability but when I clicked the link at the top of the page it only deleted about half of them and it won't let me delete the rest.

This happend to me about 5 months ago as well except that time it only left like 3 or 4 availabilities which is less of an issue.

Also while I am at it may I suggest a way to delete one raid availability at a time. On occation it would be usefull to remove those that seldome ever show up and that I do not wish to have effecting the days we chose to schedule raids.
Any thoughts on this. I really need to get them all reset so we can get moving on a scheduling change.
I can add the ability to force it to delete even if members have said "My schedule doesn't change". For now, however, I can manually delete your availablility for you. What's the address of your site?

It's all in the reflexes.
That would be usefull as sometimes you just need to get everyone to go back an update there availabilities. And the only way you know they did that is by deleting them all and seeing who has and has not resubmited theirs. Also sometimes people have to take a break and it is best not to base new scheduling on their availability.

Our site is unknownentity.dkpsystem.com

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